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last night i had this dream that the slide show had 6080 pictures in it and it was perfect. oh i just remembered how i didnt study for any of my tests. well thats a kick in the face.

im drinking this tasty tea, raspberry royale. mmMM i love raspberries. we used to have a raspberry bush out in our backyard, but thats long gone. i really dont have a lot to say. today is the first day of our finals. its finally here. it doesnt feel like the end of the school year though. maybe its cuz we're not cleaning out our lockers as a collective. but i am though, im bringing home all the books i dont need. katie said she was gonna leave her locker just as it is for as long as possible. i dont want to do that. i want to start getting out of here. my homeroom teacher is a nut, btw. i know most of our class is a bunch of snotty girls, but you have to admit, kazin, that you're freaking out for no reason. there are now two days left and you're just deciding to go psycho on us now. and please realize we dont care what you say. sorry. and youre smelly and you have greasy hair.