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just out of nowhere...
--if you haven't read rebecca, you should.
--bill murray is really funny.

HEY EVERYONE! GUESS WHAT TODAY IS! MY UN-BIRTHDAY! that's right folks, today is my official un-birthday! as i was coming up the stairs to my locker, i saw jamie but i didnt say hi or anything cuz i usually see her at my locker. when i reached the end of the hallway i called out "heeeey" to lindsey and jamie and they both go "GO AWAY!" and start laughing. so i backed up and walked away. i went to visit annie in room 111 and then i went to see the photos on the wall in my photo class and all of a sudden, lindsey runs up behind me and slams this blue sequined condom hat on my head with a banner saying "my un-birthday hat." they did it! someone decorated my locker in honor of my birthday! no one knows how happy that made me today. i've never had my locker decorated...wait there was that one time when the first lotr movie came out (katie you darling)--but never in honor of my birthday. it may not seem like a big deal to any of you, but for me, this is awesome.

lindsey and jamie are vunderbar.