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in conclusion

i really had a good time at mcauley. i just dont understand how some of my friends can say that they hate it and its awful. how is it so bad? the only way i can see someone getting offended by the school is through a theology class, and yeah i have to admit that sometimes our theology teachers (and most other teachers) are very opinionated with the whole religion thing. but its a catholic school for chrissake, you cant go to a catholic school and not feel inundated with pro-catholic/jesus messages. the trick is to believe what you want.

now i dont mean to get all sentimental and shmaltzy and what not but yknow...i really learned a hell of a lot. mostly about myself and the way i interact with people. but i also learned that i am who i am and heres a cliche, no one can stop me but myself. i am the only person who limits myself. and i have a right to speak my mind and do whatever the hell i want because if it doesnt hurt anyone (including myself) then whats the harm. thats the wiccan rede. "an' it harm none, do as ye will." thats a good way to live by, i figure. if someone wants to debate me on that, by all means tell me cuz i dont see any harm in that way of life.

lets see what else... there are some that im sad that i wont see all the time. you know who you are. and there are some that im glad i wont be seeing. they know who they are.

oh la la la what else.

i cant believe its almost here, i really cant! i want it to be OVER already! sheesh! im so anxious to get on with it. on with it i say!

tuesday, katie and i are going back to web design for a pizza party, hehehe! we're losers but i really liked that class. ms. laird is cool.

and im spent.