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huttah! i have 3 more presents to make. i think ill give em out on saturday tho. and i wont rest till ive given em all away! yar. today was an odd day. i walked into the dark room and i realized that id never go in there again. then it finally hit me that, hey, im done. im not goin back there again. im done with my classes. im gonna forget these people and no matter how much i say i wont, i will.

enough of that.

i hate bugs! god theyre so icky! have you ever seen one up close? theyre all hairy and shiny and venemous. if i ever got bitten by a radioactive spider and had spidermans powers, id be really angry that i got the weird, gross end of the super power spectrum. dont get me wrong, id be happy to climb walls and such, but dammit, id rather have wings or somethin cooler than *shudder* insect-like abilities.

and my theology teacher gave me a 90 on my mission statement. she didnt read clearly where it said "My Mission: To Be the Coolest Person in the World," and she writes on there "is this your mission statement?" well, um, it kinda says it RIGHT THERE IN BOLD AT THE TOP. but whatever, i fuckin hate that class, im SO glad its done. tomorrows the last fuckin day i gotta sit through it and see those irritating people again. that class was a waste of my life.