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be my romeo
i see you twist and turn
you look so fuckin stupid

hows it goin. tomorrows gonna be hell cuz of all that work i gotta do--but heres the cool part--WE GET TO WATCH MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL IN ART HISTORY! my teacher asked me if it was dirty at all. i said "um, well, theres so--" and lindsey cut me off and goes "no not so much." even though it is. its a tad filthy, especially the castle scene with all the women. any castle scene with tons of women has got to be dirty, or at least have tons of innuendos, dont it? it do. it most certainly do.

i woke up late today. that wasnt cool cuz i was supposed to go and work in the dark room to try and get at least ONE of my 6 to 10 prints done.

i totally think i go into the "wrong stall" in the C wing bathroom at school. i go into the one all the way at the end by the window on the right hand side, and theres all encompasingly gang signs all over. some shit like "killa 4eva" and "crown 4 life" and "king 4 life." then theres initials and stuff on the stalls, but its all in that funky grafitti writing which is cool looking but oh so threatening to a poor lil rich white girl such as myself. yesterday i went in there and there was a crown drawn onto the bricks, and then today it was all crossed out. im gonna have to go in there one day with annies camera, or annie and her camera, or maybe ill just snag one from the art department and take pics of it all cuz its funny. im gonna come out of there one day and theres gonna be all these ghetto freshman waitin for me. ill let you know how it goes.