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ahoy. lets see whats in the new today.

1) i'm prolly going to depaul cuz A) columbia hasnt sent me an award letter in regards to financial aid at all and B) cuz my parents said so. but we'll see bout that.
2) monica slept over last night! her floors are being redone at her house, which means the only place to really inhabit is her kitchen. with her parents already sleeping there, thats a problem. she said she was gonna sleep in her car, but uh, no! (just for future reference, if anyone ever needs a place to stay, dont hesitate to ask)
3) i couldnt sleep at all last night mainly cuz of all the noise: the storm, monicas phone vibrating (i think) and my dog going absolutely bonkers last night. he was panting, running around, and just actin more dumb than usual. i just figured he was horny. i went downstairs to talk online cuz i couldnt sleep, and then all of a sudden my dog poops all over the floor. good boy. suyes, he was sick.
4) me an dana are goin to get our nails done! well i'm just getting a manicure but yknow.
5) FREAKY ASS DREAM LAST NIGHT. i dreamt i was talking on the phone in my living room, and the conversation with the dude i was talking to was fairly normal. then he asks, "do you like the flavor of the oreos? if not, i'll be watching you." i started to laugh and then he got really scary and said, "i can see you right now." so i look out my window and theres some really nasty lookin man in a clownsuit with an orange fro and white balloons on my sidewalk. so i shut the blinds, locked both the doors, and yelled at my dad to go upstairs and hide cuz there was a killer clown outside. we were upstairs and i was trying to get a hold of my mom to tell her not to come home because the clown might see her and kill her, but i couldnt. my dad didnt seem to care so much there was a clown tryin to kill everyone in my house, i guess it musta been normal in alsip where he grew up. the phone i was using went dead, so i ran downstairs to get my phone and my dads phone to use those, and just as i was running through the dining room, i saw him through the windows there and hoooooooooooly shit i almost screamed. i got outta there and ran to the mudroom and saw the clown through the back door and again i almost screamed. i ran upstairs to my room and tried to call 911, but then the phone turned to my lip gloss tin, and all of a sudden one of the teachers from the guidance department was yelling at me to zip my skirt up all the way. then i woke up cuz i didnt like that one bit.

it was weird.