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yes! i finished my website! here's the address: http://www.geocities.com/blazmo_is_taken.
use it wisely. well i gotta admit i havent published it yet. yeah thats right, the site isnt on the internet but ITS DONE! i did it all and it rocks. lots of pictures--not enough though. if i get photoshop and a digital camera and all that good stuff then i will definately be updating it over the summer.

ha. so how are you all? im cool. im tired. today we had the senior supergroup picture and let me just say...its not pretty. theres going to be me trying to smile and look at the camera at the same time so that ill end up looking like this. every time the wind blew when we were up on the stands, you would see this sea of red, brown and yellow hair flap through the air, then immediately hundreds of hands and arms went flying to remedy the mess. it was like watching something on a nature special, for some reason.

my god am i tired. tomorrow is our last day right before break and i cant stress to you how excited i am. today i was talking to this girl, denise, in homeroom and she was saying how shes so happy theres not that much school left. i am too, but i wish there was some more time so i could BRING MY GRADES UP. i dont know what any of my grades are. i can only assume the worst, though. lets see...gym and theology, passing. photo, passing. english--well, i do have a 65% but thats better than the 35% i had for a while. then history--i guess im passing. french--no way in hell do i have better than a D. art history--C worthy. i just can't believe i have these grades. i know i brought it all on myself, and i accept that and realize i must do better. so from here on i shall not complain any more about my grades and how much of a bum/slacker i am and i will squeeze whatever gumption i have inside of me to finish off the year on the A honor roll.