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wee i'm awake. i woke up this morning and i remembered all the funny shit that happened last night. lets see, where'd it happen. right.

so me and annie were in my car goin to mary's house to pick her and dana up. i was tellin annie about this dream i had where i was chasing a kiwi bird all around and ms. z (my theology teacher from last year) loaned me her 70's muscle car to catch the bird. susan recchia and my 3 friends from grade school who were in the car with me didnt seem too upset either when the car started to fall apart and i pulled the steering wheel off. never did get the kiwi bird. tsk. shame.
so we got to mary's house and they get in the car and theyre like "dude did you see that group of kids?"
"oh well there was this huge herd of 8th graders walkin in the street so i [mary] sped up to them, then slowed down right before i got close to them and layed on the horn and kinda curved into them! they were all like 'ehhn loooooser!' haha it was funny."
so we all had a jolly laugh about that, and then when we started goin the herd of 8th graders was right there, so i honked and dana sticks her head out the window and in the most insane voice ever screams "AHHH MOTHAFUCKA!" at the top of her lungs. oh maaaan that was damn funny.
so we get to the stop sign at 107th and central park and i put it in park so i could switch shoes with dana. she had boots and i had my black high tops, and i felt weird wearing them with my skirt (dunno why, i usually wear em with that). there were these 3 8th graders walkin on the corner, and jokingly dana goes "mary go dance with them!" so mary goes "alright turn it [the radio] up!" so she flies outta the car (and pelase keep in mind shes still wearing this hot pink and orange go-go dancer ensemble from the play that makes her look so special) and runs up to em and goes "WEEEOOOOWEEOOO!" and flies back into the car. ohhh man that was good too.

*contented sigh* man, if i didn't have these people...i'd...i'd be worthless.