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unnofficial favorite song list
'rain song'--led zeppelin
'pink moon'--nick drake
'northern sky'--nick drake
'the shining'--badly drawn boy
'bohemian rhapsodey'--queen
'brown eyed girl'--van morrison (which, by the way, is about me)
'the scientist'--coldplay
'blue sun'--darling violetta (god what i wouldnt do for one of their cds)
'you're just too good to be true'--the four seasons
'just like a prayer'--madonna
new addition! more than one! alright! 'are you in'--incubus (that song makes me want to dance forever and ever and ever)
'send the pain below'--chevelle
'3 libras'--a perfect circle
'the little spanish flea'--well, its from the simpsons, i know that. not sure who wrote it. but i love that song.
'porcelain'--moby (that really has to be the most beautiful song. in my opinion at least)