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so today lindsey says to me, "i ate too many cookies...way to many cookies." and i said "hey, at least you didnt eat a piece of cake that fell on the ground outside." thats right folks.

i was walking out of french class holding my books and two plates, each with a piece of cake on them. keeley offered to take the plate with the biggest piece so i gave it to her, and she offered to take the other plate but i said, "no! this ones mine." (thats what i get for gluttony/greed, eh?) so i'm walkin with sandy to the doors and then out of nowhere WABAM! this girl bumps into me, the cake goes flying, i grab for it with my free hand and end up getting a handful of icing instead. the cake lands and i'm just looking at it like "after i tried so hard..." so i turn to the chick who bumped into me, and its actually 2 seniors that i know kinda, and theyre nice and cute and they were like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and im like "its...o...kay..." trying not to be mad. so i was gonna leave it there, but colleen mixan was like "oh dont be such a baby, angela, just take it and eat it!" and i was like "okay doo da doo da doo." so i ate it in my next class.

i'm awful.