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SHE BURNS! ahh that's such a good song! download "what it is to burn" by finch. i like it ever so much.

how are you all? i'm fine. school wasn't as excruciating as i thought it would be. tomorrow we have to register for our AP exams, and i'm considering not taking the AP euro exam because i learned nothing. but how would i go about telling my teacher, who i do think is a cutie pie (regardless of her crappy teaching and mounds of homework), to her face nonetheless that i won't take it because she's a bad teacher? i highly doubt it could be done. well it could be but i also run the risk of her looking down on me for the rest of the year. i'm not sure if she would, because i kinda like to imagine that teachers don't hate us. but i'm finding more and more that they do tend to hate us. they're human like us, right? right. so therefore they're entitled to any type of feeling, especially hatred towards me and my sister-students.

sister students? yeah i smoked a lot of crack this morning i bet its that.

and i sincerely hope chuck found a date for katie from rice! or she could go with this guy, nish (sp?). i kinda wanna go with nish, to be honest! the way natalie described him makes him seem cool. but then again she mighta left out how he's 400 lbs and has no hands. but she said he's raised hindu so he doesn't eat meat, right? but i guess he eats meat outside the home, which is funny i think, and he has a bit of a fro. so i kinda wanna meet this kid and be like, "sup nish."