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read this. READ IT.

look, i know a lot of people see the war as "necessary." but let me tell you something. something where hundreds of people die, are injured, maimed, psychologically scarred, terrified, mortified, abused, etc, whether they be soldiers, civilians, human shields, or anything and everything inbetween is not right. and yes, i understand that saddam hussein is a rotten person. but do you really think solving violence with a FULL OUT WAR is a good thing? WHAT WOULD GHANDI DO? this does not mean that i am "anti-american" or "anti-troop" or ANY OF THAT CRAP. i am anti-war and anti-bush. alright? don't like it, thats cool.

my heart bleeds every day for the allied troops and iraqi troops because you know WHY? THEY ARE HUMAN, JUST LIKE MYSELF. they see the same exact shit that the allied troops see. they suffer the same exact heat and sandstorms and fear that the allied troops do. i pity everyone out there and wish they could all go back home safe and sound.

so im sorry if i offended any of you for showing a little compassion to the iraqis and i fully understand that a lot of them are doing bad things but they're human too and need to be treated as humans too.