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oh man. today i got into a car accident. when i dropped katie off at the ag for her swim practice, i was makin a right hand turn onto 111th street as someone was making a left hand turn into the driveway i was pulling out of. she hit me head on, granted we were both going about 20 but oh man...my neck hurts so bad. so we hit. and we're both staring at each other, our mouths are open, and i swear to god you could hear a pin drop all over the world. so i start bawling. and i get out of the car so she does too, and she goes "THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY CAR?" so then i throw up. then the cop car comes just as im picking myself up from the ground. and the officer was really nice, i wish i could remember it. im sure its on a piece of paper somewhere, so i should write him a note after the court date. anyways. when the cop comes, the lady starts freaking out, i mean FREAKING OUT. like, screaming and yelling. "who called the fuckin cops! who called em!" and the cop goes "look, you better watch your language or ill have to restrain you" cuz the ladys like jumpin around and punchin the air with her fist. and im just in terror, i dont wanna get in trouble you know. then another cop comes and the lady calms down a bit, and they start talkin to me and to her. well yadda yadda yadda, it all ends up that its her fault. she wrecked the front of my car. and it was so weird, my car was in better shape than hers and my car ends up needing the most repairs. so thats like 5 grand worth of damage. hers was like 200 dollars. so they towed my car and her car away, and the cops gave me a ride home. but then, i forget my bookbag in the back of my car. fuckin hell. so when i got home, i had to spend like 2 hrs on the phone trying to find out where they took it. and i thought my parents would be mad, but they totally weren't. which is cool. i guess. so yeah. i just got back from getting my bookbag at the impound place not far from ginas. and yeah. im tired. im gonna shower and go to bed. night.

ps--heh heh heh...*shifty eyes*