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just so you know, she's absolutely shit-faced. as if that can't be immediately discerend...

ArtAngee: hey hone how are u donin
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: fine fine
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: you?
ArtAngee: good good
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: good
ArtAngee: thats grat
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: did you go to the partY?
ArtAngee: 0d khe u shouseld habr come
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: aaaaaaaare you drunk?
ArtAngee: 0hahhahhhah no
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: yeah you aaaaare
ArtAngee: i can stee staney
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: omg this is funny
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: even if ypoure not, youre a funny pretned drunk
ArtAngee: what
ArtAngee: imd not dirjnk
ArtAngee: im good
ArtAngee: \p yeah
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: brb
ArtAngee: j
ArtAngee: k
ArtAngee: my lups are a a little tongk,eldd
ArtAngee: im abalk
ArtAngee: 'idit u a,ocss ,e
ArtAngee: '
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: go to bed
ArtAngee: wnhe
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: now. go to bed.
ArtAngee: im ,e,ogjt gher t;augjt wjat are i ta';lepk,g, a[oy
ArtAngee: lkl
ArtAngee: bye
ArtAngee: nio
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: man are you really drunk?
ArtAngee: wajlt
ArtAngee: mp o, npt
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: no really are you?
ArtAngee: noo lololkloll
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: are you?!
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: this is hilarious
ArtAngee: in can seww wannt hey tahy
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: what?
ArtAngee: no ita nhnot what mhahhahhah]
ArtAngee: \jjajjajjajhahhahahha
ArtAngee: i lovr ku\
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: youre so fuckin drunk or so fuckin playin me
ArtAngee: u need me and dtjik love ivl;
ArtAngee: \i thnnk i mehghg d to bed now but i wamt cheis
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: you want chris?
ArtAngee: do iu
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: are you an him dating?
ArtAngee: no i waant manore gys tha n himm
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: oh
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: go to bed
ArtAngee: 'nwgi ame i talkngn to'
ArtAngee: i love to
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: i have no idea what you're saing
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: *saying
ArtAngee: saying
ArtAngee: o ;pve i
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: thats not english!!
ArtAngee: ye
ArtAngee: whaty didid klu do tobnigh
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: that might be considered english
ArtAngee: ya
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: i went to pie world nd then to danas
ArtAngee: htrs\
ArtAngee: cant wait
ArtAngee: ya
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: right
ArtAngee: ]u cant b that tied
ArtAngee: i m not reidt
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: no im not tied
ArtAngee: i tolove tkiu
ArtAngee: sp ,icj
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: i tolove you too
ArtAngee: lhkahhahahha\]
ArtAngee: o ;bpphrb; jo, jy,
ArtAngee: i p;pve okul
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: yes, happy happy joy joy to paul
ArtAngee: tp,e;;l je;;oll tjenoft pay
ArtAngee: kyp
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: willyou really?? awesome!
ArtAngee: o;; p;cpp;;
ArtAngee: uklr
ArtAngee: o;pber ;pom
ArtAngee: aheant\?
ArtAngee: i dooove u
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: aww i can never stay mad at you
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: monica just so you know, all of this is going on my blog.
ArtAngee signed off at 12:27:38 AM.