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hm. the last post i just made, the one where i sing about me saving the day, doesn't appear on my little preview thing. therefore no edit function for me, so here i go posting anyways.

I MISSED THE VERY LAST CLOSING! im a little sad about it. i would have liked to have gone, but we were going out for my grandma's 86th birthday (cant be missed, shes gettin on in her days, dont wanna miss those, and what with gracie losing her gramma it puts things in perspective for me) and my aunts birthday (who used to live with me and can easily be given the title of "second favorite relative," number one is gina. jesus...?). but theres a big honkin day 4 sometime, sooooooooo i'll be going to that! unless theres other crap that must be attended to. grr.

the one act i'm in is coming along alright. im still a lil shakey on my lines, however theres nothing a little memorization cant handle. and im not going to school tomorrow. BUT I WANT TO! i really would like to, itd be cool cuz i'd be one of the few and it be nice and peaceful BUT we're all buying LOLLAPALOOZA TICKETS and going for breaklyfast and i want to work on my costume for one acts. i think its cool how im failing a lot of my classes. a lot. namely french.

and the more and more i see triptych, the more and more i realize how good they are. and i say that not cuz nick and brian are friends, and not cuz everyone else likes them, and not cuz seana's my friend and that's her boy up there, but cuz they are good.

and one more thing that i realized and it FREAKS ME OUT. they come in pairs: 2 with 3 letters, single one with 3 letters, 2 with 4 letters, 2 with 5 letters, and then after this phase is over there might be a single one with 4 letters.
meghan knows of what i speak. *taps nose*