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hi. howsit goin? things are fine here. today was the second day of one acts for everyone involved. last night was chuck's play, i woulda went, alas i had to go to lover's lane. heh heh heh. but dana's play was tonight in which mary and chuck were go go dancers...hahahaha it was a good play. very funny! i liked it a lot. anne was also in a play, that was good too. she and mike faygan..fagan...however its spelt, did a good job. and angie bataglia's play was also really good, chirskira was in that. she's got rhythm!

tomorrow's the one act i'm in. owen, who plays ralph, doesnt know his lines. katie, who is the mother, is sick. jo ann, who is angela--the lead--hurt her ankle. i'm a lil iffy on the lines, so i'm waking up and LEARNING MY LINES. i know them alright but i can be more comfortable with them, and that's what i'm going for. i mean hey, can never learn too much, right? carrie and dave, who play the sister and the priest (respectively)...well...i dunno if they're having problems as well BUT y'never know. i wanted everyone to bring in like 4 or 5 bucks and buy nicole a porno for being a good director, but that fell through. i'm sure i could get all the girls to do it, but i want it to be from everyone and the guys are kinda elusive SO i guess i'll just get her flowers and tell her that shes fuckin awesome, cuz she is.

hhh. i'm tired. i think ill go to bed now. gotta get up and goin on my lines! night everyone.