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baby charles brosnan: hey ma, how bout some cookies?
mama charles brosnan: no dice.
baby charles brosnan: dis ain't over.

well howdy doo. yeah tomorrow is progress report day for the rest of the school, but not for seniors cuz well, we're seniors. but we get notices sent home if we're failing. im thinkin im gonna get like...2 or 3. thats not so cool. not so cool at all. but i think i can pull up the grades, especially for english. man i never thought i'd say this but i hate english class. its sooo boring! last years english class wasn't even an english class, so i dont really have the right to say i hated it. but this is an actual class class and my dear sweet lord...its awful. while i was in there today, i realized my daydreaming pattern. here it is.

first period: gym. i either focus on working in the weight room so i dont pass out, or daydream about guys.
second period: theology. i usually just talk to natalie and adrienne, no time to daydream!
third period: photo. no time to daydream! im either in the darkroom, doing my hw for the next class, or napping.
fourth period: english. i usually think about guys at this point...mmm...guys...hehehehehehehe!
fifth period: ap euro. nap time.
sixth period: ap french. i dream about either guys or food at this point; usually food.
seventh period: ap art history. its either food or guys here; usually guys.

you can clearly see my mind revolves around 2 things: food and the opposite sex.