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ARGH! i wrote all this good stuff and i was ALMOST FUCKING DONE and then i hit the wrong FUCKING BUTTON and lost it all. ok so heres the jist of it all:

1) got a prom dress for 4 dollars: short black lace dress. real hot.
2) not goin to chucks prom: he has a girlfriend to take now (kate siriani, who i think is so adorable and she prolly doesnt know who i am but thats cool)
3) seana and anne are in appalaichia repairing homes: i will sorely miss them.
4) asked them not to get lost in the ozarks like in delieverance: they dont know where the ozarks are, neither do i, and thats why i told them not to get lost, otherwise i wouldnt be able to find them and save them.
5) screw this "bread of life" crap!: the lifegiver is CHOCOLATE. the priest should hand out hershey bars at communion time.
6) i love you, spartacus.