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i have just come to the conclusion that the internet is a vast wasteland, much like my mind. man oh man there is some crazy shit out there. and it's kinda lonely, too. sure theres chats going on, IMs, maybe those cool like microphone conversations, webcams (those are weird) but that doesn't particularly fill the void of actual human contact, yknow? i mean...if it weren't for the internet, would that mean i would have to talk on the phone to certain people? like mary? dana? annie? gina? and what if i weren't able to talk to those people on the phone? how would i maintain contact with them? letters? its crazy i say. the internet not only brings me closer to my friends but it kinda distances me as well. i mean, i could talk for HOURS to certain people online and that could replace a whole day of either talking on the phone or actually seeing that person face to face. no wait. scratch that. alright so i talk online to people for hours at NIGHT after i've seen them the whole day. cept for today. today i hung out with annie and she's no where online! annie get on here! i want some pictures! hehe. but i digress.

so what is my point you ask? i dont really have one. im just saying that the internet is a big fat honkin paradox. wait lemme see...is that the right word? yeah. alright so the paradox is "the internet distances me from people and also brings me closer to them." that could be a good thesis statement for an informal essay about my life. maybe i'll write one.

yknow i should really write this kinda crap in my paper journal instead of burdening you poor fools with it. i hope you know that i read all of your stuff. yeah just meghan and mary, actually. erin hasnt updated in a while. and i dont even think kim knows this exists. i actually like reading the stuff that my friends write because tehy might let something slip in there that i didnt know! is my phone ringing...? no sorry its my music. GOOD DAY SUNSHINE! i got some nice phone calls today. mhmm. damn here comes the shoulder pain.

alright i'm sorry ill stop writing all this garbage for you to read or skim or whatever. the truth of the matter is is that i only wrote all thsi out because i like the way my keyboard clicks. i think that has to be a requisite for buying a keyboard or a computer, yknow? you gotta like the way it sounds and feels. its true. i wonder if microsoft and all those computer manufacturers design the keyboards and mice to make them click and sound awesome like they do in the movie. i know i purposely choose the sounds on my computer to sound all cool and stuff like from the movies. its lame i know, but it makes me feel important. wow i'm a loser.

*posts and publishes this ridiculous thing*