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wow i guess i'm pretty liberal. hows that for not knowing what 'affirmative action' meant, eh? heh heh heh. no seriously, i didn't really know what it meant, but now i think i do. what was i gonna say...oh i dunno.

'rain song' by led zeppelin has got to be one of the best songs ever. so here is my...

unnofficial favorite song list
'rain song'--led zeppelin
'pink moon'--nick drake
'northern sky'--nick drake
'the shining'--badly drawn boy
'bohemian rhapsodey'--queen
'brown eyed girl'--van morrison (which, by the way, is about me)
'the scientist'--coldplay
'blue sun'--darling violetta (god what i wouldnt do for one of their cds)

and feh. i can't think anymore. check back here the day i die for a complete list. why the day before i die? well, thats day that i will have heard every single song that i was ever meant to hear in my life. see? it makes sense. halright. its gonna be halright.