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woo hoo!!!! i got a part in the one acts! the funny thing is is that auditions were monday and tuesday after school. i didnt find out until after school on tuesday and i was PISSED. i threw quite a fit. so i just figured i'd show up today at the call backs and say "hi, i'm an ass. i didnt know auditions were this week, so here i am, without monologue. can i read?" so i did. i auditioned for 3 people's plays, all of them my friends/people i knew well enough to feel comfortable in front of. i didnt really think i'd get anything, and i was worried that people would pick me only cuz i was friends with their friends or what not. but i think i did a good job! anyways. i will be playing god. yes, thats right. god. and im so happy cuz thats the only part i wanted!

in other news, i have the eyesight of a 50 year old man. yes thats right...my dad tried on my glasses and went "hey! i can see better with your glasses on!"

isnt that great.