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why i think the "war on terror/iraq/hussein/bin laden" or whatever they're calling it now is BS:

we really dont have a reason to go over there and level iraq. do we? they have weapons of mass destruction, oh holy cow! SO DO WE! and that press conference crap with bush last night was pointless. did he answer any old questions? did he answer any new questions? nnnnope. frankly i think it was put on the air, basically for bush to go "hey! look! over here! no dont forget about the iraq war! no no! look look press conference!" and the same thing goes for the man that is allegedly one of al queda's top men. i highly doubt that he has anything to do with al queda. i don't even think thats the same room they nabbed him from, and thats probably not even him on the front page.

call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but this whole iraq crap is just one big lie. maybe i'm wrong, and maybe i'm right. but i can't stand any more of this! as frau fabinssinoffwhateverlongnamearooneysch would say, "Lies! ALL LIES!"

so there you have it: i distrust everything the medias and governments say.