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well well well. duuuuude dana's party was SO fun. dana, if you're reading this (which you're probably not, but hey you might), bring those dice with you wherever you go. even to school. especially to school.

i had plenty of time to do my homework and yet...i still havent done it. and i have an ass-load to do. oh my sweet jesus its a lot of work. i'll prolly go do it after i type all this crap out and brush my teeth. haha i just realized i spelled "ridiculous" wrong in my last post. i thought it was a little off...

my dad: (in the other room) stand by the phone hmhadnhmmnams...
me:..uh...yeah ok.

i really have no idea what that was.

god, theres nothing going on...im so bored. and dammit i dont wanna do hw. this morning i woke up, and i heard the wind blowing and i was like "oh it's windy, cool." cuz i like the wind. so i got out of the shower and open the blinds and its windy AND snowy. i was pissed. i hate snow. and then! oh man! so saturday, people wanted to go downtown. so i told my mom people wanted to go downtown and then go to the metro at 6 for a show, but she was like "no you stay home and do your homework bla bla bla" so im like "FINE." and i slept until dinner. so during dinner, my mom was like "weren't you going to the metro?" i was like "...IT WAS A PACKAGE DEAL! DOWNTOWN AND THE METRO! THEY BOTH CO-EXIST WITH EACH OTHER YOU STUPID BITCH" but i didnt say that. i just said "...no."