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tra la la la la! la la la la. nothing new here. lately things have been slow. i just ate 4 cookies that cost me 25 cents, and they were damned good. so far everything i've eaten today has been chocolate. hoooo gotta hide my juice, the teacher just walked past my desk and i had a can of juice right by the keyboard. actually i almost dumped juice all over the keyboard one time in class. i got a little to fershnookered with sugar and i was holding the can a little awkwardly and then i was like "WHOA" and the can went sideways and...ha. anyways. back to chocolate. i had coco krispies, then a brownie, and 4 gooey chocolate cookies with powdered sugar on them.

so far LBUAWAP Day has gone well! lots of people were like "whats the stickers mean? who started this?" and im like "me and meghan finnegan!" and then theyre like "whats it stand for?" and i tell them and they're like "i need one of those stickers right now." i feel proud.