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today is d-day. well not really. that's in april i think, but it's MY d-day in that i gotta go back to school. thank god i have the weekend to do my homework. oh who am i kiddin i'm not gonna do it! eugh i don't feel good still. nothin like havin indegestion for no reason. no, wait, i definately had mozzerella sticks at 9.30 last night. it's my fault i'm a fat ass and don't feel good. i wonder when prom tickets go on sale. and damn my mom needs to get out of the bathroom so i can pee.

i have a confession to make.

i, angela papaleo, love kool-aid. its so good. its the sweet, sweet, artificial powder nectar of life and it evokes euphoric highs from huge levels of sugar (even though we make it with significantly less sugar than they call for) and memories of summer and childhood. and yes, i was always the one with the koolaid mustache. i actually tried to give myself one just the other day, but instead i kinda spilt it all over myself. and all over the floor. and the dog. ahh...just like the good ol days when i was four.