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thunder, or bombing? meh it's thunder. ooh big one just now! i love thunderstorms. today is the first one of the year! celebrate good times come on! lets celebrate now. ooh ooh ooh. anyways, where was i? oh yes. ooh more thunder. tee hee im such a weirdo today. i keep getting dizzy spells that last like 2 seconds and its fuuuuuuuun. so yes. im half surprised to find that we haven't turned all of iraq's sand into glass by now. and i dont really think anyone out in the jewel parking lot notices, either. ayup, things look fairly normal to me. i dont think anythings going to happen in america, call me the cocky ignorant buffoon but i dont see it happening. i think the government is just scaring us into supporting the war. yes, you can call me a paranoid government conspiracy theorist, too. but hey, the man is out to subjugate us all into conforming to a 1984-like society. yes, i think they have that plan on the backburner.