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*sigh* so today was nice. not as stressful as i originally anticipated. so thats a plus. unfortunately, i don't think my lil, ahem, infection is going away. its still kinda just...there. just thought you all should know.

its so nice outside, and i'd like to go outside, but see...i'm really lazy and attatched to my computer like an IDIOT. ooh ooh, yknow what i want? a nice laptop, digital camera, scanner, cable modem, and microphone all on a cart so i can push it around outside like the computer geek i am.

in sadder news--i might not be going to columbia. for some reason, it'd be a "better deal" if my parents sent me to depaul. i really don't want to go there. i mean, its a really good school but CHRIST ive wanted to go to columbia since freshman year. i can't handle scholastic-y type things anymore, either. columbia will do me good, i know it. basically my dad is willing to let me go to columbia, but my mom is more hesitant. she wants me to have an education that will ensure my success so i dont "end up in a job you hate." then again, maybe she should just let me be my own person, eh? im all for learning from expirience but dammit, its my life. i know its your money and your investment but AURGH. then i'll just do it all myself. i'll pay for columbia. hows that?!


in other news--captain and tenille. no not really. OH OH! that reminds me...

unnofficial favorite song list
'rain song'--led zeppelin
'pink moon'--nick drake
'northern sky'--nick drake
'the shining'--badly drawn boy
'bohemian rhapsodey'--queen
'brown eyed girl'--van morrison (which, by the way, is about me)
'the scientist'--coldplay
'blue sun'--darling violetta (god what i wouldnt do for one of their cds)
ou're just too good to be true--the four seasons
new addition! just like a prayer--madonna