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rhoswhen: the momen i heard frau heard i had a clone
HopelessOnederer: huh?
rhoswhen: say i had a clone
rhoswhen: i knew that id be safe cuz id never be alone
rhoswhen: an evil doctor shouldnt speak a lot about his feelins
rhoswhen: his hurt and his pain dont make him to appealin
rhoswhen: id hope scott
rhoswhen: would look up to me
rhoswhen: run the business of the family
rhoswhen: have an evil empire
rhoswhen: just like his dear ol dad
rhoswhen: give him my love and the things i never had
rhoswhen: scott would think i was a cood guy
rhoswhen: return the love i have make me want to cry
rhoswhen: be evil
rhoswhen: but change my feelins too
rhoswhen: change my life with oprah
rhoswhen: and maya angelou
rhoswhen: but scott rejected me
rhoswhen: c'est la vie
rhoswhen: life is cruel treat you unfairly
rhoswhen: but mini me
rhoswhen: you complete me
rhoswhen: juuuuuuust the twoooo of us
rhoswhen: yeaarh!
rhoswhen: quite pleasent really
rhoswhen: ust me and you
rhoswhen: gettin jiggy with it
rhoswhen: yearh!
rhoswhen: hoo!
rhoswhen: thats all.
HopelessOnederer: haha, man you have no life