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i want a new screen name. mary got a new one, and i been thinkin of gettin a new one, so here are the list of choices.

opal pea
longhairedleapingnome (too long so maybe...)
leapingnome (hm that made me think)
longbrownhair (too dorky, perchance? maybe.)
certainshadeofclear (too long again i think)
iwantashake (mary wanted that one, so this is ONLY if i cant think of any more. i prolly wont use it.)
pieworldforever (meh)

heh, im doing these anagrams to help me figure out a screen name, and using "angela cathleen papaleo" gives me "copenhagen." anyways. back to anagrams.

cellophane aegean (heh thats cute)
cellophane gap
challenge aloe
imaginary friend (i bet this is taken, however its cute, i think)
zippytheturtle (huh?)

i kinda like "cellophane." keep your computer tuned to this station for more updates!