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i refuse to go to war. yknow...what the hell is the point of the goddamned "deadline?" bush is just gonna bomb the shit out of iraq, then they're gonna get pissed and bomb the shit out of us, then we're gonna get pissed and bomb them back and ITS JUST NOT RIGHT! FUCKING HELL! WHAT! I...where is the logic? i had to answer this question for my history homework. we had to read an article about these russian women who disguised themselves as men in the early 1900's and fought in the first world war alongside the men. the story was interesting, however the question was "would you consider the expiriences of the women soldiers in the war a good reason for involving women in battle?" and i answered, "no one, male or female, should be involved in battle."

first of all, fighting is terrifying! i dont care if you're just having an argument with your sister or you're actually shooting at someone. any sort of violence or anger is frightening. so hell no! women shouldn't go, and neither should men! pacifism, people. whatever happened to pacifism?