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i have 'glycerine' by bush in my head, and its weird cuz i dont know how the words go, over even most of the music, so i'm likemaking it up as i go. so its kinda like "glycerine, coulda been easier than you, glycerine, movie bean, (violin, cello, guitar) glycerine! glycerine!" so now i'll just listen to led zeppelin. mmm its good stuff. god i just ate cake...chocolate suicide cake...ho man. oh god, too much frosting...gettin queasy remembering it.

today was beautiful. i was so happy i got outside today! i walked around with lindsey takin pictures of her. i hope they turn out, theres gonna be some good ones. then we went to value city and i bought my parents their anniversary gift. it was/is today, and i totally forgot, too. im usually good at remembering it, but i guess i slipped up somewhere along the way. anyways, i was looking in housewares and then i saw it--the perfect gift. my friends, nothing says "i love you" like a neon blue catfish pillow. nothing.

so there i was, holding a neon blue catfish, and then i saw a nicer present, yknow, a nice red satiny pillow with fringe. so i got them that. and i got myself a pair of really cool sunglasses too. i tried to find replacements of the ones that got eaten by my dog: black rimmed with pink lenses. oh they looked so hot on me lol. so i got something like em, theyre cool. and then what else happened. not much.

just let me say that the weather was wonderful, and i love driving with my windows open. I LOVE IT! SO MUCH! IM SO HAPPY!!