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EURHGHRGGHGH. i just can't do my history homework. it'll have to wait till tomorrow when i have a zillion other incredibly hard things to do. yes my friends, i am a bad student in that i procrastinate until i nearly kill myself.

in other news, lindsey, amy and i took an impromptu trip to starbucks this morning. it was fun! its 7:40, the bell rings in 20 minutes and lindsey and amy come up to the lockers and are like "we're goin to starbucks" and im like "cool. im goin too." so we all pile into lindsey's car which is about the size of a go-kart and floor it all the way to the starbucks just past cicero. and all the while i'm freakin out cuz im afraid of being late. so we get there, and its about 10 to 8 and we gotta wait in liiiiiiine cuz its starbucks and people need theyre grand freakin mocha latte easy on the whatever, dammit. so we get our stuff and its 5 to 8. so then we floor it, as much as the traffic would allow us to do, all the way back to school. its about 6 minutes after 8 and class began at 8:05. so i bolt outta the car, run like how those lizards that poof out their cheeks and run across the water do, run noisily into the student lounge, grab my books, and run like a special kid into the gym. and mr collins, my gym teacher who's cute but not that bright goes "ahh, it's the hornet!"

and i think "...hornet?"

come here, let me feed you a leaf...
here is me running