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damn. i just wrote a lot of stuff and it got erased cuz i messed up. anyways.

its beautiful outside. so goddamned beautiful! 70 degrees, sun is shining, birds are frolicking, flowers coming up, dog reclining on the top step of the porch...its a wonderful spring day in the city. last night i slept with the windows open. i could hear the cars on 95th street zooming around and the birds chirping when i woke up. it was perfect. just like this weekend! man it was great. i had fun every second of it. i love a parade, dont you? lotsa food though. thats always cool, but now im kinda sick from it all. i have the worst cramps of my life, although they're a little better from this morning. instead of mike tyson goin at my ovaries like nevander holyfield and biting the hell out of em, theyre just minor severe discomfort.

well i think im gonna go buy deoderant and read outside. later.

PS--In case of attack...