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crack down...crack down the middle... aurgh i eat too much junk food, i really do. and one of these days ill write again instead of just listing crap. but right now im not inspired enough and like adding to my archive, so here.

1. I feel like______something's not completed. Like most of my homework.
2. We are so immersed in_______everything the media feeds us.
3. Fondle the________penis. heh heh heh. sorry.
5. If you avoid______mullets, you know no joy.
6. Enter the______woman holding the baby.
7. I really wish______I HAD AN ANSWER.
8. Please don't______confuse me any more than i am.
9. Umbrellas make______quiet house guests.

1. A lot of people______constitute the United States of America.
2. Cure my______lovesickness, PLEASE JUST CURE IT NOW.
3. Mom insists on______talking to me slowly. She drives me INSANE.
4. Breathe in the______peace.
5. Capitalism will______exist.
6. Anarchy will______exist.
7. Everything I know______are half my opinions and half fact.
8. Give her the room to______be who she wants to be, please. Let her take a chance. She doesn't need to be safe anymore, she's almost 18.
9. I think that you are______a human, just like me.