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augh. no snow day for us. but i can garauntee you, some people aren't coming in. lucky bastards.

i remember one time in 7th grade it snowed soooo much. oh man it really was a lot, plus it was windy like a mofo. we didnt even get a snow day then! i usually got a ride from my friend rosemary to school in those days. i would walk over to her house and then her dad would drop us off. so i get to her house after walking 2 blocks and im exhausted. it was early in the morning, and cold so no one had shoveled, so i walked through tons of snow in the god awful cold weather and wind. so i get to her house, and she goes "yeah, my dads car wont start so...we have to walk." so we walk. and its a mile from her house to school. so we walk and walk. we couldnt even talk to each other; it was too cold. and we walk and walk and walk and walk. we get there and we're late. it didnt exactly matter, i mean, the weather was so shitty anyone could be excused. the next thing i remember is i'm standing in homeroom looking out the window. it really was beautiful. it was so nice and warm inside. the room was a nice shade of green-blue, and it was a stark contrast with the black trees and white snow mounds outside. if i had taken a camera for what i saw, im sure i would have one an award for the best damned color picture ever. so im lookin out the window, and all of a sudden, the power goes out. "SEND US HOME!" was the cry. i had barely realized what happened when the power came back on. "SEND US--oh." i said. "No, no." said Mrs. Kenny, my homeroom teacher. "Let's all have a seat and get ready for morning prayer." i was pissed. so was my teacher. we all wanted a snow day, so why didnt they give it to us?

stupid administration.