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ALRIGHT! ok. no more pretend posts where i copy and paste lyrics to make it look like i write substantially long posts! ok well i'll do that from time to time. but seriously folks, there is nothing really going on in my life! ok no wait. no, no i definately have stuff, i take it all back.

today me and dana and my dad went to columbia for the open house, and alls i gotta say is "HOLY HOT MEN, BATMAN!" the place was crawling with them! everywhere! me and dana were comin down the stairs in this one building, and theres live piano playing, yknow, classical music. and we look at the pianist and GAH! guy a lil older than us, dark shaggy hair, white short-sleved blouse and tie, TATOOS EVERYWHERE! up his arms, on his neck...playing classical piano music. DEAR GOD. i nearly climbed on the piano and went "hey big boy," but then i remembered i was with my dad, and i'm shy around damn fine boys like that. then there was a guy talkin to us about the fine arts. bi-racial with a cute fro and WONDERFULLY SEXY english accent. MMMMgod why do you tease us like that? then, ha! forgot bout this one. we were all standin on the corner waiting for the shuttle (that never came, mind you) by this construction area where they're building a new dorm building. and im fixin my hair and puttin on lip stuff and i look up, and heres 2 construction workers smilin and winkin at me. and it wasnt really lewd or anything, it was like "hi, you're cute, tee hee" kinda attention. so i went "ah hee hee!" and hid behind my dad. my dad was like "what?" and im like "ah, nothin."

and then, have you seen 'chicago' yet? no? GO SEE IT! it's so, so, so so sososossoososososooooo cool! oh wait, you said you saw it? sorry, i was jumping to conclusions. yeah isnt it really good? yup.

and then what else is there? oh i finished wuthering heights, that was a good book. annnnnnd, what else. eep i gotta learn all my lines for the one act by thursday. oh sweet god of acting, bestow mercy upon my lazy ass and giveth unto me the power to memorize!

oh and go read mary's blog. *thumbs up at mary*