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why hello! fancy meeting you here. i made a significant dent in my reading of A Tale of Two Cities today. only about...60 more pages to go. but i still am rather overwhelmed with the workload. i always do this--procrastinate to no end and then SUFFER. but thats alright, cuz i brought it on myself.

plums taste like summer.
i cant wait for summer. i need it so bad...i need flip flops and tank tops and sunglasses and the sunsets at 8:00 and sunburn and sleeping with the windows open and driving with the radio full blast. yes my friends, there is such a thing as seasonal depression and i have it.

wheat thins are tasty little fuckers if i do say so myself. theyre so thin and wheaty. and orange juice with no pulp! oh its so tasty and pulp-free. no offense to you pulpists out there, but its wrong. it just defeats the whole purpose of drinking a liquid. with the pulp stuff, you gotta chew it or scrape it off your teeth. damn, thats just not right. its just not right.

in the works: L.B.U.A.W.A.P. Day! (more info as it develops)