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well well well...look who it is. no look, i can't see who it is. who is it? oh hey. whats up? yeah same here. im listening to weezer. i didnt use to like them but now i do. go figure. yeah i'm just chillin for a few minutes before i go and re-do ALL MY HISTORY HOMEWORK cuz i didnt do all the right stuff. fuck that shit man. i took a 3 hour nap when i got home, i only meant to sleep for abuot 45 minutes, heh heh heh. so maybe i'll finish all my hw, take a shower and then hit the hay again cuz DAMN im exhausted lately. i have to read this book for theology class though, which is poo cuz i have to have it read by thursday. and there arent any sparknotes for that book, either. its called "the breakable vow." its about a woman who was in an abusive relationship for 8 years. its kinda interesting in that like, it all takes place on the south side of chicago, not too far from where i live and used to play when i was little. so i can imagine all this stuff pretty vividly...the description of the family life, the places where she hung out, her friends...all of its pretty similar to what i grew up with. so i think it will be an easy read. well i'm gonna go be a journal whore and read meghans, hehe. she's snicker doodles, btw.