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well hello there. so i think i screwed up the color scheme here. but thats ok. well not really. i plan on fixing it tomorrow during 8th period. no wait, i have to print pictures. gah.

tomorrow we're decorating katie's locker for her birthday, which was sunday, as you may know. we have some good stuff to put up there. well at least i do. a picture of kelsey grammer, some transvestites, 2 pictures of her...oh its gonna be glorious.

speaking of glorious. remeber that woman who dissapeared on christmas eve last year, who was 8 months pregnant? well frankly, i think her husband was behind her dissapearance. i mean, how could he NOT be? i know its not cool to judge people on physical appearance, but jesus christ that man gives me the heebie jeebies. he's so...lizard-like and evil sounding i just find it hard to believe that their marriage was "glorious." yes, he said their marriage was "glorious." i mean, what the hell! did they win wars together or something? glorious. gimme a flippin break.

songs to download:
Blue Sun--Darling Violetta
The Scientist--Coldplay.