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so i think we have poltergeists.

this morning when i was getting dressed, at about 6:35, i heard 3 booms on my door. at the sound of the 1st boom, i looked up at my door, and then the 2 remaining booms happened, causing my door to shake. i froze. "w-what?" i managed to say. "who is it?" i demanded again, this time louder. no answer. i walked over to the door and yanked it open. no one was there. i timidly poked my head out the door and looked around. still no one. i managed all my strength and barged into my parents room.
"zz...huh?" my mom asked, poking an unbrushed head over the covers.
"did you bang on my door?"
i looked to my dad. definately not him: he was snoring and apparently having a dream about chasing someone due to his foot twitching. damn. i then went to my sisters room; wasnt her either. she was half asleep when i came into her room, and her door was shut all the way. if it was her, i would have heard her door open and walk in front of my door. and i live with this girl and trust me...there is no possible way for this girl to do anything softly.
so...i went back to my room and stared at the open doorframe. and stared. and stared. then i got dressed (quickly, with the door open so no more knockings) and came down here. and thats where i leave you. g'day, all.