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phew. i am good to go with school tomorrow. didnt read all of my english, but i put a fairly good dent in it and caught up with sparknotes. god bless sparknotes. yknow whats a good song? 'island in the sun' by weezer. i like songs about running away and doing nothing. like this one, and 1000 miles by okgo, and theres this one by the fly honeys that i like. ha, fly honeys. i remember them. sophomore year all over again. well not really. they were just around when i was a sophomore is what im trying to say. anyways where was i. yeah i'm not tired. its not good. i had too much caffeine! i was drinkin all this pop and tea to keep me awake while i was reading and now im not gonna be able to sleep. woo hoo i just yawned theres hope for me yet.

so im listening to the smallville soundtrack online, and its...not that good. theres only 2 songs on here that are good, the theme for smallville and island in the sun. then they had to put that sappy 'superman' song by five for fighting or whoever the shit was drunk enough to sing that and mess a lot of it up. the other songs on here are just boring and hurting my ears. so i dunno people. if you like crappy rock, then buy this. but yknow. im still listening to it *shrug* well folks im gonna shove off and waste my time on other places of cyberspace. rock on.