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oy vey. here i am trying to make this blog my own little baby and lemme tell you summin GOOD...html is one difficult concept to master. i think ill just stick with my GoLive at school, thank you very much! hehe.

anyways. tonight i had a good time. mary, dana, anne, katie and i went to the mall to look for dresses. we had a good time. i found one. i must say that i definately have the body type of most classical greek statues. yknow. big. and i found a dress that accentuates my bigness, and i have to say i liked it. i looked different. not some frizzy blonde waif. nope, there i was. big hips and weird stomach, all for the world to see. and i gotta admit i thought i looked ok. of course, i need some more freakin confidence to pull a dress off like that. but that will come in time.

then we went to burger king and it went something like this at the drive thru:

me: i'd like a small chocolate shake too.
lady: no shake...
me:no, i want a shake.
lady: no shake...
me: yeah! i want a shake!
lady: no shake...
me: no! i want to order a shake!

then my friends informed me that they couldn't make shakes. it was quite funny. and then i put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot when i was leaving seana's house and...got made for that too. all in all it was a night for angela!

so how are you doing? well i hope from the last time you read this. or may have read it. how exactly can i get someone to read this? i need to know so i can become a huge phenomenon like homestar or emotion eric. i think that once i get my OTHER site up, the one i'm doing at school, this will be cooler. i hope.

that's all i want! is to be some sort of internet phenomenon. 15 minutes of fame or SOMETHING that people will talk about. desperate cry for attention? not really. it's just that i see how my friends are all into these little things and talk about them all the time, and i want that too. it's not like i dont have my friends respect (cuz i'm pretty sure i do) its just like, yknow. wanting to be reknowned for making that one paper airplane out of chicken fat...ok that made no sense. its late. i should go to bed but i dont wanna...

today is valentine's day. happy valentine's to whoever you are reading this. rock on.