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one more history essay, 2 paragraphs for french class, and about 150 pages to read for english and then i'll be done. god i'm such a pussy! i need that stuff, whats it called...ritalin. maybe thatll help me focus. or make me super-freaky mellow. either way, i hope i go to columbia for college. i mean, nothing could possibly interest me more than non-scholastic stuff. i want to go to columbia so i can enhance my imagination the correct way instead of daydreaming and wishing of doing other things when i could be doing my homework. like this for instance. i really should be working hard and yet, here i sit. typing away at a blog that no one but myself and possibly meghan (and who knows, steven) reads. oh fuck i just remembered about the HUGE english assignment thats due on thursday. and for that i need to read. hmm...i should go now.
alright remember to rock on. and i spilled tea all over my face and shirt. i am awesome.