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i'm a little off today, be warned.

yknow what bothers me about the tv news? the tv news bothers me not only because its really shitty, but because they speak with uncertainty ALL THE TIME. take this example that i pulled out of my ass:
"why this pill MIGHT make you live longer. why scientists are advocating the use of this new drug..." this voice over is crudely spliced over file footage of a closeup of a hand holding pills, pills being put into a jar at a factory, doctors and women talking, etc.

or something like this, maybe?
"why mayor daley might not be mayor again...tune in to find out..." and this voice over is aired with file footage of mayor daley reading to inner city children and mayor daley walking and smiling. then when you turn in, you find out the election is a few months away and theres a slim, teeny weeny, itsy bitsy chance that he COULD JUST MAYBE NEVER EVER be mayor again. hey, it COULD happen and therefore they can say it.

it's rediculous! im sorry but local network news is absolute garbage. the lighting is awful, the sets are drab (look at channel 7 news! sheesh! they've had set that since i was 8!), the anchors' voices are piercing and irritating, the women always wear red which is NOT the most receptive color to wear on live television. i think its a proven scientific fact that red is a bad color for tv. to hell with network news! EVERYONE LISTEN TO NPR!


so how are you all?