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i'm just playin around...gotta get this right. the funny thing is it looks best on the computers at school, but at home it's super dark. go figure. I AVOW TO GET THIS RIGHT! meh i like the background color.

i'm sitting in again on art history and apparently this girl really needs to call her mom about...apologizing to her? something like that. the girl sounds totally stupid though. the more and more i think about it, the more and more i realize that i am reverting to my pre-kairos days. gah. not good. or is it? im not sure. im starting to get mad at myself because i want to write more in this journal that i have at home. its an old fashioned journal, one where you write in it and smear the ink with your tears. did i say that aloud? actually i dont really cry all over my journal. the only reason why its smeary is cuz my hands are sweaty man hands and the ink is of poor quality. HERE COMES MEGHAN! woo bell time im gonna hit the vending machines.