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i think in my photography class i have the most prolific and philosophical thoughts. luckily i was free and had time to write it all down. so heres part of a note that i started to write to seana, but decided that it was too pessimistic and ominous to give to one person to read, so i wrote her a different one and decided to share this sad, sad, stupid letter with you all. but on a lighter note, my dog just walked in here and he really smells. and annies kickass mix is indeed kickass. back to our regularly scheduled program.

what is the shiznit my bizatch.

im just sittin in photo being bored. i finished my photo assignment #1 and i just have 2 more to go. we have to partner up in here and take pics of each other with the digital camera but i dont really know anyone so im prone to not talking much. dude i wish i was going to u of i. im worried about college. dude i dont want to leave. im starting to get comfortable with this station in my life and now...well now i gotta get up and go. feels like people are leaving left and right already. i know brad is, theres one. and then people are talkin about u of i and who theyre gonna room with and their majors and i just wanna be like "Let's all go to Moraine together!" but thats just silly. cuz people cant stay together forever. i mean they can, its entirely possible and it happens all the time, but i worry that ill never see the people ive seen every day for 4 years ever again and that bothers me because i love and like all of them. even the girls i think are stupid and skanky, dude they are a part of my life. i know im gonna move on, go to columbia (hopefully), find new people to hang out with but christ it just wont be the same. only some months left and then away everyone goes. i dont feel like people are leaving me behind, though, oh no. no its more like a big hammer with "college" written on it smashed a plate made out of us and sent all the pieces scattering. some pieces stay together for a while, they kind shoot out in pairs i guess is how i see it. but eventually the pieces break away some more and finally split away all together. im just wondering whats gonna sweep us all together and glue us? christmas break? spring break? high school 20 yr reunion? and what pieces will be missing or so cracked and chipped that they don’t fit anymore in the plate? whats gonna happen?

well there you go, folks. thats my free-writing session for now. see ya later i think i need a nap. no, i NEED a nap.