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i really wanna write a tv script about my life. dude, everyone would watch that show. well...me and my family would. maybe some friends. and theyd tell me "oh its so good!" but it wont be that good. so i figure ill make it truly good and then people wont have to lie to make me feel better! hooray!

think about it though.
if your life was on video tape (who sang that song? i know who sang it, do you? 1 dollar to the first person who tells me), would people watch it? would it win emmys and peoples choice awards and tv guide awards? i think mine would. i have plenty of comedy in it, enough drama and teenage angst, and yes! some truly frightening moments. like that time i brought that red vinyl scrunchy old-lady purse to school that was pretty freaky.

speaking of pretty freaky, i had this dream last night that i was auditioning for agents. i didnt get any agents, however they let me keep their notes on me so i could review them and come back to them when i was "improved." apparently my dad was one of the agents, and he gave me good reviews, but one of the agents wrote "is too tall." another wrote "too independant, needs to be more toy-like." and i thought "what the fuck? 'TOY-LIKE?' the hell is that! they want me to be like britney spears, some old mans sex kitten? thats rediculous, i'm gonna audition as myself anyways."

one last really long note: nia vardalos, my personal hero (even though she's a size 8...skinny bitch lol), has made a new spin-off of her movie "my big fat greek wedding." it's called "my big fat greek life" and its on monday, february 24, 9:30PM ET/PT. i dunno what time that means here. maybe 9.30 i dunno. ah well. gotta go to the depaul open house. mary, lets go to school in california.