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i have nothing really interesting to say other than it's difficult to arrange plans for a lot of people. you never know if someone's gonna like what you have planned or have a ride or whatever. it's difficult to be a leader. the other day at school we had an assembly about college and what job interviewers were looking for. apparently, they're looking for "proven leaders."

that's definately not me. and i don't want it to be me. i know this sounds foolish, but i don't like having to worry about these things! is everyone happy? can everyone make it tonight? can people afford the plans? i know its not my problem if they can't do it, but yknow. i'd like everyone to be happy. plus i think im too nice to be a leader. well, im not like cutsie wootsie nice, im just...yknow. a people-pleaser. that's what i am!

a people-pleaser.