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hello. what was i gonna say? oh yeah.

sign you're getting older #1: you write the persons name on the inside of a greeting card at the top of the greeting with a comma after it.

so my friend jake told me once about this monk at his school... well i guess you could call him a "brother." but i didnt want to start out with "my friend jake told me once about this brother at his school" because i didnt want to confuse you. i figured you might think "why didnt she just say 'kid' or 'guy' or 'boy?' why did she say 'brother?' is he a home-dawg then?" but i think i should take my faithful readers a little more seriously. anyways, now that ive completely confuzed you...so my friend jake has this substitue teacher who's a brother (not a home-dawg), he's a monk, right? and he talks in something called the "fourth person." now, im not entirely sure theres a grammatical term called "fourth person," but i guess it could be called that. apparently his IQ is off the charts, and we all know how if a person is too smart, they tend to be weird. well this brother (not a home-dawg) talks to himself about himself. for instance: "awww theyll laugh at me brother....awww you dont know beans from buckshot..." now isnt that interesting? and imagine that with an irish brogue! yes, hes straight off the boat irish. thats gotta be the coolest thing to hear. i wouldnt care if he was a little off kilter, id rather have him as a sub than stinky sr. cora.

tomorrow is my dads 50th birthday. that got me thinkin. one day, the music that i listen to right now, the same music that i dance around in the darkroom to, the same music i think about making out to, the same music thats on my favorite tv shows is all gonna be collaborated one one station with the tagline "we play the greatest hits from the 90s and millenia!" i'm gonna be old. im gonna die. i'm gonna wear straight-leg pants and old-lady tan shoes with extra grip on the bottom and have my hair in boufonts. or maybe ill wear flare leg jeans and super klunky shoes and midriff tops and rock out like mad to the "oldies." and yknow what else sucks? after college, i wont have summers off anymore. ill be stuck in some office building wearing constricting clothing and breathing air conditioned air.

stupid life.