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doo da doo...colors are fun tra la la....just hold this string as i walk away AS I WALK AWAY...i now have this obsession with weezer. which is weird cuz i remember when they first came out, i didnt like them. now i must have their cd. oh my mind is a phunny phickle thing.

i'm sitting in on this art history class during 8th period. im supposed to be doing my webdesign homework, and i did it, and i think i did it right. but we'll see. oh, we'll see. anyways, this class has a lot of intelligent people in it, namely meghan. now meghan, don't go thinkin this is false compliments. it's true, you're intelligent. but i just don't see how you can possibly maintain your sanity in this class. i have ignorami in my theology class and believe you me, they're a pain in my brain. anyways, i just don't know how you can sit here. but i like this teacher, Ms. Shmeneke? how is that spelled? i dunno. i think she's intelligent too. she has a real passion to make everyone learn and be aware that theres more to this world than the south side of chicago. oh here you come, meghan.

no one has change for a five. and all i want is some FOOD.